Presentations Skills Training Programs

Putting Power, Punch and Pizzazz into Your Presentations

Whether you speak to one person or a 1000, getting your message across in a clear, concise and engaging manner is essential to your success. Winning Presentation Skills will provide you with the proven tools, tips, and techniques you “must have” to design, develop, and deliver powerful presentations.

What You Will Learn:

All of Arnold’s programs are customized to meet your needs, your challenges, and your concerns. All programs can be offered as a keynote, breakout, seminar, workshop, or training program. Some or all of the following may apply.

  • Characteristics of successful presenters.
  • The 12 most common mistakes presenters make
  • 5 steps to overcome speakers anxiety
  • Overcome nervousness, anxiety, and fear, once and for all.
  • How to build instant rapport and connect with the audience.
  • How to SOFTEN your image to boost your credibility, likeability, and trust.
  • Understanding your audience and how to adapt your presentation style to persuade, motivate, and influence.
  • 3 sure-fire techniques to deliver impromptu presentations with ease.
  • Planning and organizing your presentation for maximum impact.
  • 6 dynamic ways to open and capture the groups undivided attention.
  • How to speak spontaneously and confidently at a moments notice.
  • 3 ways to avoid misunderstandings.
  • 15 ways to keep your audience engaged and awake.
  • Strategies for dealing with hostile audience members, tough questions, etc.
  • How to use humor.
  • Use of PowerPoint and other audio-visual aids.
  • Effective use of body language for an almost “unfair” advantage.
  • How to cut out ums, uhs, and other verbal clutter.
  • 7 strategies to close your presentation in a positive and memorable way.
  • What to do before, during, and after your presentation to insure success.
  • Video feedback and critique (depending on time and format).
  • 2 unique ways to remember any presentation and never use notes again
  • Learn the “windshield wiper method” to plan your presentations and never forget what you are going to say
  • Common weaknesses of business presentations – Language to use and not to use.
  • How to instantly go from monotone to dynamic
  • Proven techniques to speak with credibility and authenticity
  • 12 keys to make your PowerPoint slides stand out

The Presentation Skills Comprehensive Performance System and Training Program:

The comprehensive in-house program begins with a half or full day workshop for all attendees. The initial half or full day session consists of a complete overview of the tips, tools, techniques, and necessary skills you must have to deliver powerful presentations and convincingly communicate your ideas to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

After this first session, the participants will be divided up into groups of 5. Each group of 5 will meet for up to a half day. Each attendee will prepare a 5-minute presentation to give to their group. The other 4 attendees in the group and the instructor will provide critiques. All attendees will also be videotaped. We will review each tape. After reviewing the videotape, each attendee will then be offered the opportunity to deliver their same presentation over with an emphasis on eliminating their weaknesses and enhancing their strengths. Even though the instructor may be with your company for days (depending on number of attendees), no participant will be out of the office for more than one to one and half days.

Presentation Skills Course

Put Pizzazz Into Your Presentations

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"Based on comments and a review of the overall conference evaluations, it was a success. Arnold was a hit!! His scores are the highest of anyone who spoke at the conference."

- Stewart Shaw, Vice President Heery International

"Hands down, I will tell you that your seminar was one of the best I have ever attended. Maybe even the best!"

- Annie Davis, President Alliance of Professional Nanny Agencies

“Arnold was excellent. In fact, his audience size grew substantially on his second day which makes me assume people were talking.”

- Heather Mathews, Meeting Planner, American Bus Association

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