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Arnold Sanow has developed and designed over 2,500 engaging, dynamic, thought provoking and persuasive speeches, presentations and training sessions for CEO’s, Executives, Leaders, Celebrities, Politicians, Trainers, Sales People and Others. Whether you need to deliver a speech for a conference or meeting, address the board of directors, deliver a training session, win a political office, make a sales pitch, or persuade, motivate or influence others, Arnold can help.

Arnold has designed speeches and presentations lasting from 20 minutes to 3-day training sessions.

Depending on the nature of your speech or presentation Arnold can have usually have a draft to you within 48 hours. He will also provide you with step by step guidance to make sure you deliver it with poise and professionalism, captivate your listeners, persuade people to act on what you say, develop comfort and confidence and make sure you present it without notes.

Your finished presentation will include some or all of the following:

  • Attention getting opening
  • Humor (if appropriate)
  • Stories, anecdotes, exercises, examples, questions
  • Audience interaction tools
  • PowerPoint slides (if appropriate)
  • Impromptu techniques
  • Words to use/not use
  • Quotations, facts, figures and relevant examples
  • Key points to emphasize
  • Keeping attention throughout the presentation
  • Memorable conclusion

Whether you speak to one person or one thousand, getting your message across in a clear and concise manner is essential to your success. Arnold will provide you with a speech, presentation or training session that will boost your credibility, image and personal presence.

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"Based on comments and a review of the overall conference evaluations, it was a success. Arnold was a hit!! His scores are the highest of anyone who spoke at the conference."

- Stewart Shaw, Vice President Heery International

"Hands down, I will tell you that your seminar was one of the best I have ever attended. Maybe even the best!"

- Annie Davis, President Alliance of Professional Nanny Agencies

“Arnold was excellent. In fact, his audience size grew substantially on his second day which makes me assume people were talking.”

- Heather Mathews, Meeting Planner, American Bus Association

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